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    Donate Your Zakat ( Project Shokkhom)
    Raised: $15.00
    Goal: $20,000.00
    Observing the immense impact of Shokhom 2017-2019, we are planning to introduce it on a larger scale to various communities as a whole. Personal donor will donate zakat for individual beneficiaries; whereas corporate organizations will donate for an entire community of an area. The projects will be handed over cluster-wise. In this way we will be capable of sustaining an entire community all together. In order to achieve this goal, we require bulk funding. We look forward to your cooperation. to send your donation via online, click:
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    Sponsor A Child
    Raised: $168.00
    Goal: $10,000.00
    BDT 1500 you can provide education and change the future of a child. For Child Sponsorship, Call: 01701666306 to send your donation via online, click: