Donate Your Zakat ( Project Shokkhom)

Raised: $15.00
Goal: $20,000.00

Shokkhom, a Bengali word which means being efficient or competent in a particular field of profession. In Islamic community, Muslims are obliged to pay a percentage, annually under the Islamic law on certain kinds of property and use it for charitable and religious purposes. But in Bangladesh, using Zakat’s money, people tend to purchase clothing and distribute those to the poor. This results in a momentary happiness in the destitute family, but doesn’t bring much development in their lifestyles. To make appropriate use of Zakat money, we initiated to create a Sustainable Livelihood project titled “Shokkhom”.

This was first implemented in 2016 at a very small scale involving only two families to see its results. Considering its positive outcome, we held it at a larger scale in 2017, helping 82 destitute families. This project involves raising Zakat money and using it to create an income generating source for the destitute families. We give the breadwinner of the destitute families, a chance to become an entrepreneur and thus improve their own living standards. The projects are being implemented in: Dhaka, Kustia, Barisal, Patuakhali, Khagrachair, Rangpur, Gazipur and Burimara.Considering Shokhom is an initiative which is based primarily on monitoring, we have particularly chosen these areas in Bangladesh as OBHIZATRIK’s volunteer support in these areas are the strongest. The sole motto of this project is “To help the families to such an extent that they won’t be needing help next year rather they will be capable of providing Zakat for other poorer families”.



The candidate selection process usually entails notification/announcement done in deprived areas, reviewing, screening, interviewing, testing then selecting the best available candidate.

Application forms are circulated in different areas by OBHIZATRIK Foundation’s volunteers where the interested participants are asked to fill their information and submit.

A 3-step screening procedure is implemented where the candidates are selected based on their financial condition, reputation in the area they live in and their level of commitment to prosper.

Once the candidates are selected, a project and a donor are assigned to the candidates.



Volunteers are assigned to every project, handed over to a beneficiary. The volunteer keeps regular contact with the beneficiary and visit him/her once every week. This way supervision is done first hand. Any issue concerning the project is handled by the volunteer himself, or brought up for discussion in the monthly meeting.

Regular meds and vaccinations are provided to the domestic live stocks and the costing is entirely supported by OBHIZATRIK Foundation.

A monthly meeting is held at every area where the issues are openly discussed. Improved strategies and solutions are implemented accordingly. This in turns enhances volunteer involvement and hence creates value chain.


Observing the immense impact of  SHOKKHOM 2017, we are planning to introduce it on a larger scale to various communities as a whole. Personal donor will donate zakat for individual beneficiaries; whereas corporate organizations will donate for an entire community of an area. The projects will be handed over cluster-wise. In this way we will be capable of sustaining an entire community all together.

In order to achieve this goal, we require bulk funding.

We look forward to your cooperation.

Donate your Zakat in our livelihood project “SHOKKHOM”.
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