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We Provide Charity and Volunteering Service Since 2010

OBHIZATRIK Foundation is a government registered (Reg No: S-12013) organization working towards overcoming socio-economic challenges that Bangladesh has been facing since its independence as a nation. With the aim to free Bangladesh and the members of its society from various barriers.

OBHIZATRIK Foundation since its establishment in 2010, has been actively working on the following sectors: Poverty elimination, Education, Health and Nutrition, Human Rights and Environment. Furthermore to OBHIZATRIK’s goal of helping the underprivileged, the Foundation build a platform for the youth of Bangladesh to put to action, their ideas and vision of a better Bangladesh; more beautiful, more socially stable.

OBHIZATRIK has supported more than 10 lac, people, in the last 10 years along with providing full free quality education for 500 underprivileged in three OBHIZATRIK SCHOOLS, empowered 550 families in 7 districts under SHOKKHOM project, provided free treatment for 10,000 patients under OBHIZATRIK HEALTH CARE. Also, we have a BOAT AMBULANCE which provides 24/7 support to the island area. OBHIZATRIK has registered 3500 young volunteers who pulled up 250 one-day events in the last 10 years, like winter blanket distribution, flood relief distribution, etc.
During this Covid, we have supported 2 lac individuals with free vegetables. 65,000 families received free groceries and 90,000 families received free meals. Along with this, we have distributed 1 lac free mask and 2500 PPE to doctors.
This year OBHIZATRIK received the prestigious JOY BANGLA YOUTH AWARD 2020 for Empowering Extreme Poor.
Also, OBHIZATRIK Foundation is honored to mention that our reputed Founder and President, Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, has been crowned as an honoree among the 300 honorees of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list-Class of 2021.
Along with many well-wishers and organizations like the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs of Bangladesh, we have 50+ corporate organizations who have worked with us.

Our Mission

End Poverty and Hunger:-
Hunger is the most terrible symptom of poverty in the world and Bangladesh is not exempted from it. Poverty diminution is and was always the core challenge for Bangladesh.
Currently, a large amount of people in Bangladesh lives under the national poverty line. As poverty leads to hunger, Obhizatrik’s aim is to achieve lasting results of reduced hunger by targeting poverty elimination. 


Ensure Quality Education:-
Obhizatrik Foundation aims to tackle the challenge of very high illiteracy situation of Bangladesh by establishing and operating primary schools under its banner whereby Obhizatrik bears the cost of running these schools entirely. 

Promote Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment:-
Of the 1.3 billion people who live in absolute poverty around the globe, 70% are women. For these women, poverty does not just equal dearth and paucity. Bangladesh fosters a highly patriarchal culture and such gender discrimination is prevalent among not only the poor, but in all community levels. Obizatrik aims to facilitate women empowerment by joining hands with the government and various concerned organizations to overcome the challenge of gender inequality in Bangladeshi villages where the cultural boundaries set for women is complex. 

Improve Health and Nutrition:-
Three major factors that affect the rates of death and disease in children in Bangladesh are injury, malnutrition and health, including arsenic contamination of the water supply and HIV/AIDS. Physical wellbeing comes before all else which is why Obhizatirk set out its mission to help create awareness with regards to frightening health and nutrition related issues in Bangladesh.

Ensure Environmental Sustainability:-
Environmental sustainability is all the more vital in the context of Bangladesh because its environment is at an ever-precarious state. This is not only because of the rate of destruction of its biophysical resources and ecosystems, but also because of a rise in sea level due to global warming that puts approximately 17% of the southern region of Bangladesh under water by the year 2100. Obhizatrik, aims to ensure environmental sustainability with the help of successful execution of various government and non government funded projects.

Encourage Community Development:-
A community cannot be alleviated unless they themselves help in the process. The same holds true for all the local communities of Bangladesh and the entire Bangladeshi community. OBHIZATRIK hopes to involve community members of all age in that singular aim of human development and thus help bring sustainable improvement in the lives of the stakeholders.

“Volunteers are paid in six figures... S-M-I-L-E-S.” ―Gayla LeMaire

Our Vision

OBHIZATRIK Foundation, is a government registered civil society organization working to empower the youth of Bangladesh with a view to develop the nation by reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth in every citizen by facilitating volunteerism in Bangladesh.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and facilitate voluntarism in Bangladesh to develop the nation by reallocating skills and resources to foster self-reliance and growth in every citizen.


SDG 1: End Poverty

SDG2: Zero Hunger

SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives

SDG 4: Quality Education

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OBHIZATRIK Foundation is a voluntary organization. So all the donations directly goes to charity

OBHIZATRIK Foundation has 3500 active volunteers all over the Bangladesh. Our dedicated volunteers always ready to work in any situation and they can execute any types of Charity events.

OBHIZATRIK Foundation has an expert and experienced adviser team. Our honorable advisers always show us right path and we always discuss with them about our upcoming events and get feedback from them.

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